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Summertime Driving

During the winter there is a lot of discuss about vehicle and driving safety and what you should do to keep yourself save. There isn’t the same about of discussion for summer driving. You need to pay the same amount of attention to your vehicle, in the summer as you do in the winter.

If you are driving out to the seaside for a picnic or a camping or caravan trip overseas, or just heading out to enjoy a day trip- here are a few point you need to consider.

  • Your  tyres. These are the most important part of your vehicle. They are your only connection to the road.  Check you tread depth, pressure and condition. Ideally you need to check these regularly through the year. Don’t forget the spare! The legal limit for tyres is 1.6mm across 75% of the tyre. Pressure needs to be set to the correct loaded limit. Remember this when you are packing the car for the holiday. Tyre pressure needs to be checked when the tyre are cold.
  • Check your engine coolant. When the air temperature climbs, this can have a significant and impact on the performance of your vehicles engine. Also check your coolant levels when the engine is cold. You don’t want to overheat on the side of the road!


  • From cold engines to cool passengers; if you have air conditioning, it might be worth considering getting that serviced and topped up. There is nothing worse than sitting in a traffic jam in a hot car.


  • Lastly consider having a bottle of water in the car for traffic jams.  You don’t want to get dehydrated when you are driving as this can make you feel more tired.


Let’s head out and enjoy the sunshine!

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