How to read your tyre size

Tyres are one the most important components on your vehicle as they are the only part of the car which is in touch with the ground.

When buying new tyres for your vehicle, it’s imperative to ensure that you buy the correct size as fitting the wrong size tyre can affect the handling ...

Tips for driving with your caravan & camper van

The summer feels like it is almost around the corner and it's time to get the caravans and camper vans onto the roads and off on holiday. There are a few things that you have to remember when you are packing up to go away and this applies if you are driving a camper van, towing a caravan or simpl...

Hopping in the car at Easter

The first Spring Bank holiday of the year is just around the corner and for many of us it is a great time to get out and about. If you are thinking of jumping in the car this Easter there are a few points that you might want to consider. The AA estimate that there will be 16.8million car journeys...

Summertime Driving

During the winter there is a lot of discuss about vehicle and driving safety and what you should do to keep yourself save. There isn’t the same about of discussion for summer driving. You need to pay the same amount of attention to your vehicle, in the summer as you do in the winter.

If y...

Checking your Tyres

Most car owners are aware that the wrong level of inflation in tyres has a detrimental effect on performance and overall car balance. Here are a few simple tips to keep a regular check on your tyres’ condition and managing its inflation level.

Checking tread depth

Calling all caravan and motorhome owners!

With the Bank Holiday weekend approaching now is a great time to check the tyres on caravans and motorhomes.

One key point- is the tyre pressure. Tyre pressure can naturally drop when the tyres are not in use. If you try and use an under-inflated tyre, the vehicle handing is affected. Exc...

New Website Launch

Wow, we're really pleased to announce that our new website is now open for business!

We're passionate about offering fabulous service to our customers, coupled with superb tyre knowledge and great value tyre prices.  With this in mind we have been concentrating on changing our website ove...


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