4x4 and SUV tyres

4 x 4 tyres
Buying 4x4 and SUV tyres online

There are a few considerations that have to be given when buying 4x4 and SUV tyres online.

When looking to purchase tyres we would always advise that you have a close look at the tyres that are currently on your 4x4 or SUV, instead of relying on a number plate tyre search.  By looking at what tyres are already on the 4 x 4 you can be sure that the tyres you buy will be exactly what you need.  You should also consider what conditions you may be driving in as this can impact on finding the tyres that are suitable to your driving requirements.  

If you were to fit the wrong tyres on your vehicle this will reduce your fuel economy and can affect the handling of the vehicle. 

Replacing 4x4 and SUV tyres

If you are changing your 4 x 4 tyres to full off road, you need to buy a complete set of four. This is because there is a risk of damaging certain transmission components if there is a different rolling resistance on the front and back axle. Two tyres from two different brands, despite being the same size, load and speed rating will have different rotational speeds and this can give you issues with the drive shaft, or the centre differential.

If the tyres are rolling at slightly different speeds due to being different brands, one set of tyres will be working harder than the other. This causes increased pressure on the differential and can lead to an issue called (by the trade) –diff wind up.  If this occurs, you could be faced with a very large garage bill.

If you are only replacing two tyres, then the least worn tyres should be place on the rear axle, if possible. 

Driving in non-standard conditions

When you are driving in difficult conditions, for example sand, then the pressure in the tyres needs to be changed to take into account the load and the surface that you are driving on. The pressure needs to be adjusted again when you resume driving on standard surfaces. For more information about this you should consult your handbook or the vehicle manufacturer.

If you have any queries, you can contact your local tyre fitting centre who would be able to advise which 4x4 or SUV  tyres you need. Find your nearest fitting centre today.


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