Cold Weather Tyres

Cold Weather Tyres

During the winter season the risk of being involved in an accident on the roads is almost doubled in comparison to driving during the summer. Cold Weather tyres or Winter Tyres as they are sometimes known, reduce this risk substantially.

Cold Weather Tyres are beneficial throughout the whole of the cold season (Oct - March). They are much more effective than summer tyre during freezing conditions, which become hardened and therefore offer much less grip. Are manufactured with a higher level of natural rubber which means the tyre compound is much more resiliant to freezing conditions, resulting in the tyre offering more grip.

Whilst Cold Weather tyres offer superior handling during any snowfall, their benefits are not limited to driving in the snow. As they offer much more grip than their summer tyre counterparts, these tyres assist in reducing the likelihood of skidding or aquaplaning during all cold and wet weather.

Fitting Cold Weather Tyres or Winter tyres for your vehicle

At Value Tyres we recommend fitting Cold Weather Tyres to your car from October to March and have a great range in stock for you to choose from.

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