Driving At Night

Driving at Night

Value Tyres are committed to road safety and with the long dark nights continuing for some time, we have put together some tips, which if followed, will help to keep you safe when driving in the dark.

  • The sun is very low near sunset at this time of year and if you’re driving to your destination around this time, it’s possible to be completely blinded by the sun as you round a corner or climb a hill. We’d recommend wearing sunglasses on bright days which will alleviate the problem of being blinded by the sun.
  • Always ensure that you check that the headlights are working and use them. It can be easy to forget to turn your lights on when driving in a well lit area but due to the absence of natural light, you not only need to use your car headlights to see but also to be seen by other road users. Remember to dip your full beam headlights when approaching another car.
  • If you are finding the glare from the car behind is impairing your vision, ensure that you use the day/night flip on the rear view mirror, this allows you to eliminate the glare but still see what’s following you safely.
  • Ensure that your windscreen is kept clean and free of grease both inside and out. The glare of another cars headlights coming towards you can reduce your visibility greatly if your windscreen is smeared.
  • Increase your distance between cars. Many more animals become active at night and the likelihood of you seeing them as they dash across the road is low, it’s also more difficult to spot a potential issue in the road when it’s dark. By increasing your following distance to the next car, you’ll have more time to respond to any issue that arises.
  • Don’t drive tired. Driving at night can be tiring, even on short journeys you need to keep alert. Ensure that you have good ventilation in the vehicle (a warm, snug car is great but can increase tiredness), if you feel tired stop and grab a coffee, take a brisk walk or even take a nap. It’s better to get to your destination later than expected than to risk falling asleep at the wheel.
  • Finally, ensure you are safe. If you break down at night, ensure that you pull off the road fully (where possible), use a warning triangle to help other road users to see your stricken vehicle and carry a fully charged mobile phone to ensure you can call for assistance.


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