Money Saving Tips for Drivers

Money Saving Tips for drivers
Driving can be an expensive aspect of daily life so here are a few tricks that we have learnt for keeping your costs down.

Make sure that your tyres are pumped up to the correct pressure levels. An over inflated or underinflated tyre will use more fuel and wear faster.  Remember tyres have a different pressure for when the car is loaded or unloaded.  Details of your tyre pressures can be found in the vehicle manufacturers handbook, on the doorsill or in your petrol cap.

Your driving style is also important, harsh braking and acceleration will increase you fuel consumption but so will driving in the incorrect gear as you are making the engine work harder.

Did you also know that having a cluttered car and boot will affect your fuel consumption?  So why not a have clear out and only keep what you need in your car. It might not save you much but it all adds up over a year.

Do your own pre-MOT checks. This prevents many of the most common reasons for your vehicle being failed- check your light bulbs, is your windscreen cracked and are your tyres road legal? If you can, resolve issues that you know your car has before your MOT. 

Remember if you don't check your tyres you could be in for a nasty shock; illegal tyres can cost you up to £2500 per tyre and three points on your license.

It does pay to have your car serviced regularly, though at times it doesn't feel like it! A quick repair of your timing belt for £150 could save the cost of a new engine (£2000-£3000).  Get a quote for the work first and if you are not happy, get another quote.

Review your insurance quote. Don’t just accept it, try shopping around for the best price. It could save you hundreds of pounds each year.

 AA advice; if someone was diligent in these saving and driving practices they could save up to £400 per year (driving approximately 12,000 per year). 

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